Are You Living Your Life As If You'll Get a Second Chance?

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2020

It's ok if you aren't ready to commit to buying real estate. One thing I really want to stress is that if you have a goal you have to commit to it. If you aren't committed, if you are just kind of thinking about it, or you are going "see if you can do it" chances are you won't. Some women have their own reasons why they aren't ready to commit to the goal of real estate. Some of those reasons are legit, others are not. The others are simply things we've made up in our heads. When we let those made-up things hold us back we lose. Every single time. So let's start a conversation about goal setting. It doesn't even have to be about real estate, or it could be all about real estate. It's up to you. Don't let fear or false beliefs hold you back from living your best life. 

I heard Dean Graziosi say something like this: Imagine you're dead and you find out there is a "superior being" and She says to you, "Hey, how did you make out? Did you live a GREAT life?" and you respond that your life was OK, good even, but mostly just OK. And She asks why you didn't  make it GREAT. You say all kinds of things like, "I was single so I never bought my own home and suffered financially the rest of my life....or.....I didn't think I could or should break tradition and do things I wanted to do....or....I didn't allow myself to dream of things I really wanted to do, so I did the things I was obligated to do, or what was expected of me." (fill in the blanks yourself here) So, She shakes her head and laments, "I created you, I put you on earth, I gave you free will and a brain that was the best in the animal kingdom and you squandered it! You blew your chance! And that's all there was for you."

Imagine how you would feel. Don't let that happen to you. Let's start living your GREAT life. Reach out to me, or sign up for one of my Home Worthy offerings and let's get you into the right frame of mind to bust all of those weak objections that seem so strong. Come on, I'm waiting to do this with you. 

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:-) Sandra


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