Be Open To Allowing Good Things To Happen

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2020

I've been working on my book since October 2018 and it's finally ready! Awesome right? Then a thought came to my mind, "is releasing the book during these times of uncertainty and pandemic insensitive to what people are going through?". Should I wait to publish the book when things are better out there, I wondered.

I put the question out to a few authors and my mentor to determine whether this was an inspired thought but they said that it was my own paradigm that was creating negativity and holding me back. I wasn't convinced.

Afterward I had been feeling agitated and when I paused in awareness of the feeling I knew right then that I had a false belief that wasn't aligned with my inner self. 

I took some private time to release all judgement and become present and before I knew it a calmness and joy came to me. I was joyful because the book was created as a tool to help people become aware of and overcome their fears and objections, their paradigms about buying a home on their own. I wrote the book to give people hope as hope will chase away fear. I describe how they can figure out what they truly want, and how to get it. Really, the book is less about buying a home than it is about creating awareness, developing confidence and going for our dreams.

I teach people that the fears we face during a stressful time like buying a first home are illusions that we create in our own minds and that we can overcome them simply by shedding light on them, becoming aware of them. When my son was small I used to teach him to face his fears. I wanted him to build the habit of crushing fear so that nothing would ever stop him from creating the life of his dreams and I want that for all of us. 

I will continue to do what I love to do, to help people by sharing my knowledge and experience to help them gain a new perspective and to grow. By doing this I grow too, and there is a cycle of contribution.

We create our own reality through our thoughts, so if we expect things to go wrong they will. We can't control our thoughts but we can choose which ones we dwell on. Let's be aware of our expectations and let go of them. Let's live in the present moment. We don't know what will happen so let's manage our expectations so that they are neither too high nor too low. When we release all expectations we become aware of the solution by being in tune with our true selves and we are open to allowing good things to happen.


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