Choose What You Think!

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2020

You can choose to allow the news to keep you down by watching it all day long, or you can learn what you need to know and then carry on with becoming the best you can be and live your best life. When negative thoughts come in we can just replace them thoughts that we CHOOSE to think. It sounds easy , and it is. Truly, it is easy. You cannot control the thoughts that come in so don't bother wasting energy chastising yourself for thinking them. Just stop them in their tracks and replace them with good thoughts.
Peggy McColl has provided us with so many free tools to help us focus on the thoughts we choose to think. One of my favourites is the Power Life Script. I find it very helpful to listen to a very animated and excited recording of me reading it. Mine is currently 14 minutes long and I listen to it many times each day. 
Here is a link to Peggy's Manifestation Tool Box which is currently being offered for FREE:
I hope you will take advantage of one or all of these FREE tools, and pass the link around. 


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