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In Canada, about 20- 25% of buyers are single women… only 10% of buyers are single men.

  1. Years ago lenders would not lend to a woman even if she was a career woman with good credit. They were required to have a male guarantor.  Even credit cards were hard to come by for a single woman.
  2. Lifestyles have changed: women are pursuing education, careers and are choosing to delay marriage or forgo it. That means they are single longer and are not waiting for their life partner to come along before they buy real estate.
  3. Real estate is a good investment and women are buying more than one property for investment purposes.


  • In my dealings with women buying real estate, a recurring theme is the security in the investment.  Real estate is a good investment, and because you need to live somewhere, the security of home ownership vs renting is attractive to women.  I know a woman in her 50s who was losing her job and was uncertain that she would find a new job at that pay level, but she was relatively unconcerned because her home was paid for. She had purchased it on her own about 20 years before and had paid the mortgage down.  Now, all she had to cover were the property taxes and utilities, as well as repairs and decorating costs. It was less expensive than renting a similar property. And, if she ever needed to, she could sell or rent the home.  She had options…  and that’s important. She also had financial security.
  • Also, women tend to want to nest. They want to make the space their own and quite often when renting you are not allowed to make changes to the property, and you may not want to spend the money to improve someone else’s property. Most men seem less concerned about that, in my experience.  They can make their home anywhere. (These are just my experiences.)
  • Women want safety, which can mean many things. They may want to be in a familiar neighbourhood where they have friends and family. It could mean a condo with a concierge or limited access, and on a higher floor.
  • Women are very budget conscious. They want to be sure they will not be house poor. Many want to continue their current lifestyle and be a home owner.
  • Women are cautious! They want to avoid making a mistake–sometimes to a fault, but caution is good.
  • In my years of experience selling to singles, I notice that men tend to care less about budget i.e. if their budget is $500K they have no issue going to $575K. Women, generally, don’t think that way.


  • Be aware of your current lifestyle and decide if ownership is right for you, if so, create a plan and execute it. That means save the down payment, and pay attention to how you use space and what would make you comfortable in a home of your own.  Be cautious, but not afraid. Go for it, you deserve it!

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