80/20 Rule


In this video Sandra describes that the 'how-to" part of buying your own home is only 20% of the equation at most. So what is the 80%? 

Listen in as Sandra describes a bit about her own journey as an empowered woman and how you can benefit from what she has to share in her book Home Worthy: How to Buy Your Dream Home with Ease and through her online offerings, including live events that are FREE and open to the public. 



Hey, thanks for watching, I’m Sandra Rinomato. I’ve become a first time buyer expert ever since I was on my show Property Virgins on HGTV and Netflix which was about first time buyers, all demographics, couples, singles, you name it, and then I created a show called Buy Herself, which was about single women buying their own homes. I created it because at that time about 1 in 4 home buyers was a woman, compared to 1 in 10 a man.

 I mean, that’s really interesting. 27% women and only 10% men??


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