Home Worthy

How to Buy Your Dream Home with Ease

By Sandra Rinomato

I’m so excited to announce the arrival of my new book Home Worthy: How to Buy Your Dream Home with Ease

During my years in the real estate industry and hosting two real estate reality TV shows, I've worked with a lot of women buying real estate on their own.

Story behind Home Worthy


A few years ago I was working with a single woman who had planned to buy her own home, I was impressed by her because she had saved up a lot of after-tax dollars for her down payment on a home She had dreamed of buying her own place and through her I learned the ONE THING that can make any woman successful in buying her own home, no matter who she is or where she lives. And in a moment I'll share exactly what I learned but first... I want to tell you something, at one point in my life I remember thinking to myself "wow, I thought things would be different for me, I thought my life would look completely different" ......I know many others have too, and if you do too.... you're not alone.... But what if I told you there was one thing, just one thing that can make a shift so that you can realize that this is the greatest time in history, in your life, for you to buy your own home.

Now let's go back to that woman I mentioned, who seemed really committed to buying a home on her own, young single woman who had dreamed of it, planned, saved up a ton of money for the down payment, she pre-qualified for a mortgage and she was READY. I mean, she was going to achieve her big goal of home ownership. It was very exciting!

We looked at properties and there are many stories I could tell about her unique journey but what happened was that she worked so hard to get to that point, and when we found the perfect place to buy, her dream home ...she stopped herself. She stopped right there, one inch from the finish line. I mean, we could see victory, it was right there for her to reach out and get it. And yet, she stopped.

And I needed to know why so I could help her better. It crushed me.... to watch her miss out on achieving her goal and all the wonderful feelings she had been pursuing in her dreams to own a home.

This just didn’t sit well with me, because first of all, she wasn’t the only woman who had gone through this…there were many! And I can’t even guess at the number of women who never even allow themselves to think about it! It bothered me so much because I want to see everyone benefit from owning property, the benefits are many and huge.

I decided to figure out the best way to help women advance themselves, and become independent, build wealth passively, make decisions easily, set and achieve goals, gain credibility and a sense of accomplishment and security.

So I started researching to determine why so many women were successful in buying their own homes and so many were not. I looked at a lot of factors, spoke to many women in both categories, you know the ones that did it and the ones that didn't.

Because on the surface they looked and acted the same.

That's when it hit me. I could see clearly that the women who had been successful, who had achieved their dreams of owning their own home had something different from what the others had. It was ONE THING

They shifted their habits, I'm not talking about complicated things but just simple things in the way they thought, in the things they did and when I started hearing their stories I understood it all very clearly. And I knew I had cracked the CODE! I had been using the one thing and I will show you how to do it too.

I believe when you find the answer to something you have to share it.

Home Worthy is essential reading that will guide you in exploring your values, beliefs, and goals when it comes to investing in yourself through real estate. Featuring true stories of women who have successfully purchased and others who have not, Home Worthy...


 Delves into the importance for women of building equity.


 Explores the potential resistance from family and your inner critic due to cultural and social conditioning.


 Shows you how to work from within yourself to build confidence.


 Guides you through easy practices that will help you get what you deeply want.


 Shows you how you can allow yourself to dream and to know that you are, in every respect, home worthy.

Home Worthy is for every woman who dreams of home ownership. And in Canada right now, that represents almost one in four of all home buyers.



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What Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Author, Hall of Famer Jann Arden has to say about Home Worthy

"YOU ARE HOME WORTHY! Buying a home is probably the biggest thing you’ll ever do in your life, it certainly was for me. I think a lot of people make the assumption, that any money I’ve made over the years has been from the music business. On the contrary, buying and selling houses was a very big part of me forging ahead financially. I’ll never forget the feeling of walking into the very first place I ever bought- it was 67,000 dollars. Honestly, it may have well been Ten million, but it felt glorious! I knew I was doing something that would change how I felt about myself. I had a sense of pride and accomplishment and I knew that I was doing something great for my future self.

With her new book and online course Sandra Rinomato is giving us all the opportunity to invest and believe and cheer on our future selves. Her expertise is unparalleled and her advice is uncomplicated and easy to understand. Sandra has done it all, she’s seen the markets rise and fall and rise again and she can show you how to become Home Worthy and truly live your best life."

Does this sound like you?



 You are you a woman who has been thinking about buying your own home.


 You thought about it then changed your mind.


 You are a woman who has never allowed yourself to dream about home ownership.


 You crave financial security, respect and credibility.


 You want to set yourself up for independence and be prepared for all that life offers down the road.


 You feel stuck.


 You're tired of living the life that others have prescribed for you.

If any of these sound familiar, don't worry, you're not alone. Sandra understands what it's like and she shares her own stories, speaking from the heart, helping you learn to love yourself, identify and replace false beliefs with empowering truths as you learn that you are truly worthy and deserving.

What's in it for you?


By the time you get half way through the book you'll know exactly what you want from life, you'll be learning how to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way, you'll make more confident decisions in all aspects of your life, be able to set and achieve any type of goal, become the woman you are meant to be, build options for the futurewealth for your future and your own β€‹independence.

You'll be invited to join a network of people who think like you do, who want the same things you do, and who understand you. You'll truly understand that a woman can achieve anything she wants to achieve without limitation.

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“A MUST READ for everyone! This is not your typical real estate book. Sandra is a natural story teller and as I read this book I felt as though she was speaking directly to me. She delves into understanding what drives people to certain decisions and why. I highly recommend this book.”

Jessica Spodek

“Home Worthy is not about how many bathrooms you want in your home. This is an insightful book full of great information. To the Moms out there, if you are raising a daughter, gift this book to your young lady. It is an important life book and will help her develop a positive, successful mindset for a happy and fulfilling life. Give her the tools to create her own destiny. Glad I read it and highly recommend it!”

Susanna D.

"A very honest and detailed reflection looking at what could be holding a woman back from buying property and outlining proven ways to overcome issues so she can move forward successfully towards homeownership. Learn from Sandra and others who have done just that. Sandra shares many wise, practical and supportive suggestions to help do what is best for you."

Ardelle Harrison

co-author of Bank On Yourself: Why Every Woman Should Plan Financially To Be Single, Even If She’s Not.

“What comes through again and again are Rinomato’s profound empathy and fierce advocacy for people wanting to build wealth and independence through real estate. An essential read for those looking to buy a home."

Kirkus Reviews

"Sandra has written a brilliant book that is a fascinating read and provides valuable insights and recommendations to create success; in every area of your life."

Peggy McColl

New York Times Best Selling Author & Manifestation Mentor

"Sandra Rinomato has over two decades of experience in real estate, she has helped and inspired thousands through her TV shows and this book “Homeworthy” is the next step. Sandra conquers fear and self-love and everything in between in this book. It’s a perfect combination of real estate help crossed with self-help. There is so much valuable information in here that this book can literally transform your mindset and therefore your life! It’s time to get rid of your limiting beliefs and step into the woman that you are meant to be!"

Danielle Amos

Success & Prosperity Mindset Coach
Member of Bob Proctor’s Inner Circle with Silver Pin of Excellence
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